You can use the Platinum Package Layout Builder to add different types of image galleries to your pages. In the tutorial below we will add a simple image gallery.

1. Create a new page, and select the Layout Builder.

2. Select the Media Elements tab, and then click or drag the Gallery button.

3. Click the Gallery block to edit the settings.

4. Click the Add/Edit Gallery button to add your images.

5. You can add images that already exist in your Media Library, or you can click Upload Files to upload new images.

6. Select your images and upload them. Making sure the images for your gallery are ticked, click Add to gallery. You can then add captions to your images, or drag and drop to reorder. When you're done, click Insert Gallery.

7. When you're happy with your gallery settings, click Save. You can always edit your gallery settings later.

8. And you're done! Your new gallery will now be laid out on your page. Remember to play around with the settings and gallery styles to become familiar with the different galleries available.