Your Platinum Package website comes with a visual composer to help you build page layouts quickly and easily, and with a wide range of functionality. To get you started, in this tutorial we're going to build a simple page with some text and an image.

1. Create a new page, and give it a name.

2. Click the Advanced Layout Editor to activate the page editor.

3. On the first tab of the Layout Builder you will see content sections of different ratios. The 1/1 block will cover the width of the page, the 1/2 block will cover half the page and so on. This is useful when building with columns to make your page appear neat and organised. In this tutorial we will be building a simple page with two-thirds of the page consisting of text, and one-third consisting of an image.

4. Click the 2/3 button to make a layout block appear in the layout builder, or you can click and drag to place it. Then do the same with the 1/3 button. You will now have two layout blocks side by side, dividing your page into two sections.

5. Next we are going to add our text block. Click the Content Elements tab, and you will see all the different content blocks available.

6. Click on the Text Block button to make it appear at the bottom of the page.

7. Hover over the content block and click on the dark bar that appears, and drag the block into the 2/3 content block.

To skip this step, you can also click the Text Block button, hold down and drag the block directly into the 2/3 layout block.

8. To enter your own text, click the text block and a popup will appear, where you can either paste or type in your content with the Visual Editor. Click Save to finish.

9. Click on the Media Elements tab at the top, and repeat the above steps with the Image media block, dragging it into the 1/3 layout block. Click to bring up a popup box where you can choose your image.

And you're done! Click Preview Changes to preview a draft of your page, or click Publish/Update to save your page.

Make sure to play around with the Layout Builder and the different elements available. Pretty soon you'll be building clean, structured pages with amazing functionality.